On Saturday, Ontario premier Doug Ford held his annual Ford Fest where thousands of Ontarians gathered together to enjoy some BBQ with Doug Ford and his family. Despite the controversy that the premier has been facing since his election, his fans seemed to stick by him throughout the day as they helped to celebrate his accomplishments since he has been in office. However, one Ford Fest attendee wearing a MAGA hat is going viral after he showed up to festivities. and sharing his opinions of Ford.

A male was quickly spotted on the festivity grounds in Markham wearing the notable bright red cap that has the white text "Make America Great Again" printed across the front. These hats were originally used in support of Trump during his elections a few years prior, highlighting his popular slogan. 

When he was approached by a CityTV reporter, the man in the MAGA hat comments about Ford, stating "Well what's there to say bad? I don't see why people can say bad things about him. He's helping us, big time."

When the reporter asks him what he thinks about all the cuts that Ford has recently made to health care and education, the MAGA hat supporter states that "I just think that there are more important things, honestly."

During the interview, he also states "The cuts, are the cuts. Some of them weren't the greatest idea. But other than that, he's great. I think that Doug is just real and he's here to help." 

Of course, since the occurrence, the Ford Fest attendee has gone viral after his bold stance on wearing a Trump supporter hat. Many have started to poke fun at the answer that was given when asked about cuts. 

However, some Ontarians are starting to find a startling resemblance between Ford Fest and Trump's rallies. Even Global News admitted that Ford Fest held a 'Trump-style flare' this year. 

This year, Ford took to Ford Fest to express the achievements that his government has made since taking office. It's estimated that 10,000 fans were in attendance to help support Ford in his achievements thus far. 

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