Tim Hortons is a Canadian staple and icon. People love it for many things like their coffee, donuts, Timbits and Iced Capps. For instance, they've received some interesting reviews of their new fall menu and some conflicting comments about their "smile cookies".

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Former employees of the Canadian franchise have been revealing their experience working for Timmy's. The tea has been spilled. There's the good, the bad and the ugly. But we would like to point out that the stories included in this article may not speak for all the Tim Horton employee experiences. 

It all started when one person shared a funny meme about Tim Hortons on Reddit, asking "What is going on with Tim Hortons? Why are their standards now so atrociously low". Check out the Reddit post that was shared by user Kevins_Chili below:

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But hilarity aside, things got serious real fast. Former Tim Hortons employees started sharing their experience with the coffee chain and let's just say that the inside scoop was revealed. 

Many Reddit users commented in response with their experiences working at Timmys, defending the workers. One user, Gateauxes, told his story of working at the coffee franchise. It has since gotten 321 points and had multiple people confirming thereafter similar working conditions that they experienced. 

Reddit user Gateauxes, who worked there for four months, gave his explanation of why quality could be dropping. The user cited the nature of producing fast food and the structure of the franchise. He shared his experience, saying "Every product that Tim Hortons offers has a similar impossible time target, except for plain coffees or machine stuff like a French Vanilla. The drive-thru is God, and nothing matters more than trying to keep the line short because otherwise people start coming inside and screaming at you. (I mean, they'll do it anyway, but more when the line is long). On top of that, the managers are standing behind you, constantly telling you to simultaneously be foodsafe and work faster." 

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Furthermore, he also added another anecdote, saying "on my first day, one of my coworkers pointed to a wooden chair in the back closet and said, 'this is where you'll go when you cry'. I do not miss that place." To check out his full story, visit the Reddit post here

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But apparently it's not all bad – according to other employees who have worked at Tim Hortons, there are some who have reported an overall positive experience and pointed out the pros of the job via Glassdoor. One employee said they "love working with different people and also specially in a team setting". Several called it a great place to work. 

According to Glassdoor, 172, either past or present, Tim Hortons employees said that a pro was "Flexible hours: you can work mornings or nights". One reviewer commented, that it was a "friendly environment" with "nice polite colleagues [who]
... help you when you need". 

But while there were positive experiences, there were also negative experiences to be shared. Another Reddit user, lilyflower32, commented, "I worked at tim hortons when I was 18. It was the hardest working job I ever did. I use to hide granola bars in my socks and eat on bathroom breaks because I go so few breaks. I also was put on coffee duty for drive thru and couldnt cut it. It was so fast paced. I was moved to front cashier."

There was also another former employee at Tim Hortons who recalled negative experiences working there. Reddit user realhumanpersonbeing commented, "THIS. I worked there when I was 15. 90% of the quality control is due to being too rushed to do anything right". They also added, "My mum eventually made me quit because it was bad for my mental health. I remember crying at work on multiple occasions because my manager was yelling at me over the headset to hurry up with the drive through order WHILE a customer yelled over the counter at me to hurry up with their food and I just didn’t know what to do."

There are several other stories just like theirs that was posted on the Reddit thread. Even though most of the Reddit comments were negative, many others online have expressed positive reviews for the work environment at Tim Hortons. Of course, everyone is subject to their own opinion. It looks like you'll never really know unless you work at the Canadian franchise yourself.

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