Earlier this year, Canadians were overjoyed to hear of a movement consisting of Canadians, Australians, Kiwis and the British campaigning for free movement between their countries. So much so that the petition circulated by the CANZUK International organization, who are strong advocates for the idea, has accumulated over 250,000 signatures

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While that alone seems like tremendous progress, the advocates for free movement are planning yet another big push. Aiming for freer trade, movement and cooperation amongst the four countries. According to the founder and chief of CANZUK, James Skinner, with the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, now has never been a better time. 

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If you are wondering exactly how Canadians would be impacted by such a change in relationship with these countries, it's overwhelmingly positive. If such a concept was passed through, Canadians would be able to travel, work and live in the countries included in the agreement freely with very minimal restrictions. 

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In an attempt to promote CANZUK and their free movement plan, the organization is scheduling think tanks and panels in Canada as well as the United Kingdom for next year. Skinner told CTVNews "2019 is going to be a big year for us so we've got a lot planned and it's about getting our heads down and advocating the cause not only behind parliamentary doors but also with the public too." 

If you are curious why CANZUK is advocating for the connection of these countries in specific to Canada, it has to do with the fact that they all share familiar history and economies as well as governmental and cultural similarities. Meaning it would be a lot easier for the countries to make a free movement agreement versus other parts of the world. 

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With CANZUK closing in on their 300,000 signature target, it's fair to say that the possibility of the organization being able to convince the countries to join together is growing more and more likely. As of now, we can only hope the four governments come around to the idea and make it happen! 

To check out the petition for yourself and to learn more about CANZUK, you can click here

Source: CTV News 

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