Black Friday is just days away and the Canadian retailers are already rolling out some amazing deals. The latest company to launch their massive Black Friday sale is Freedom Mobile. The mobile carrier is offering a new plan with 100 GB of bonus data for just $60 a month.

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The plan is called the Big Binge Bonus promotion and it not only includes 100 GB of bonus data, but also unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited texting, and 10 GB of regular data every month and all for only 60 to 65 bucks. Here's how it works. 

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Basically, it's just like any other phone plan. You pay a monthly fee - in this case, it's $65. But you can get a $5 discount right now if you simply sign up for pre-authorized monthly payments that would let Freedom automatically take the money from your account every month. 

What makes it amazing is that you get unlimited calling and texting, plus 10 GB of data every month for that relatively low rate. You also get 100 GB bonus data for your two-year phone plan. 

The bonus data is essentially a safety net for you to avoid any data overage charges. While 10 gigs is already a really good amount of data, in the event that you go over it one month, you have 100 GB of bonus data to tap into so you don't get charged. 

So if one month you end up accidentally using 2 extra gigs of data, your pool will cover it and have 98 GB left in it. The 100 GB pool is never replenished though, so once the bonus data is used up it's gone for good. 

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If for some reason 10 GB and the bonus 100 still aren't enough for you, the bonus data pool is also available on other plans like 15 GB for $80/month or 20 GB for $100/month. 

Anyone in Canada eligible for the massive Black Friday promotion. New customers simply have to sign up for the new plan while existing Freedom customers just have to upgrade to these plans from their current plan. 

Source: Global News

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