If you haven't left your house yet today, don't. Freezing rain alerts issued in Ontario for this week and in some places, the road conditions are already treacherous. With the recent thaw, the dumping of snow Ontario got last week has now melted and it's created ice and even flooding across the province. 

Ontario's two major cities are being hit especially in hard. Overnight, flooding caused the closure of the Gardiner and the DVP, two of the Toronto's major highways resulting in major problems and delays on the morning commute. In Ottawa, the roads are even worse. 

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Due to what one school bus company called "treacherous road conditions" almost all school buses in the region have been cancelled and commuters trying to get to work are having just as bad a time. Like in Toronto, the big melt has caused major flooding on roads with water as deep as three feet in some places. 

Even if you don't drive, the flooding will make your commute terrible. Pedestrians in Ottawa are sharing horror stories of being splashed by passing cars and having to jaywalk to get around puddles. The weather and slippery roads have also led to a number of collisions and road closures throughout both cities. 

It's also going to get worse before it gets better. With freezing rain alerts issued across Southern Ontario, including in Toronto, you should expect your commutes tomorrow to be even worse than today. 

According to the warnings issued by Environment Canada, the freezing rain is expected to start anytime tomorrow morning and continue all afternoon and evening, meaning your drive or even walk is going to be super icy. 

In Toronto, Environment Canada warns that "the Wednesday evening commute will likely be affected due to the potential for untreated surfaces to become icy." 

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, there is no current warning for the region but that doesn't mean their commutes are any better. All the roads that are currently wet and flooded will freeze over since the temperature in the city currently feels like -13. The forecast also calls for freezing rain to hit the city on Thursday. 

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The good news is, while we are going to be covered in ice for the next few days, the deep freezes and -30°C temperatures seem to be behind us. In Toronto especially, we can expect the temperature to dip no lower than -11°C all week. 

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