The final debate in this year’s Canadian election may not have as many memorable moments as the leaders’ debate on October 7, but at least it was also available in English in real-time. The French-language Leaders’ Debate in Canada on October 10 featured translators on hand to get the candidates’ message across in English as well.

The event was held at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau and all six party leaders were present for the debate. Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May, Maxime Bernier, Justin Trudeau, Yves-François Blanchet, and Andrew Scheer gathered for the last time at their podiums to verbally duke it out the night before advance polls open.

During the last French-language debate on TVA and LCN, Twitter users expressed their disappointment at not being able to follow the discussion in English through subtitles or translators in real-time. Maybe someone took these comments to heart, or maybe the debate was going to have English translators anyway.

Naturally, the debate translators were a point of discussion for some Twitter users. Two of them got quite a bit of attention, mainly for their accents. Throughout the debate, viewers on Twitter noted how Maxime Bernier’s translator had an “Australian” accent while Scheer’s sounded "British." While this seemed to be the consensus, others theorized that Bernier’s translator was from New Zealand, or also from the UK.


“Wait, is the guy voicing Maxime Bernier from Australia? #heymate,” wrote @shawnrouse.

“I dunno how I feel about Maxime Bernier having an Australian accent tonight,” said @drex.

@OConnorBigTom tweeted, "Am I going crazy or is Maxime Bernier's translator a Kiwi?"

“Andrew Scheer’s translator’s British accent makes him sound mildly likeable. If you don’t pay attention to what he’s actually saying…” @the_ns tweeted.

"Just flipped from French to English translation, and there's a guy with a British accent voicing Andrew Scheer... he sounds much fancier than in real life," @shawnrouse also wrote.

The winner of the debate isn’t clear yet, but we’re sure to hear all about it in the morning. The Canadian federal election will take place on October 21. As of the evening of October 10, according to the CBC Poll Tracker, the Liberals are leading by .9 percent.

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