Thursday night was another eventful one for the leaders of Canada's six major political parties, as the last debate of the federal election campaign took place just one day before advanced polling started. Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Elizabeth May, Jagmeet Singh, Yves-Francois Blanchet, and Maxime Bernier all gathered at the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau for this final French Leaders' debate.

While this election campaign had its share of scandals and controversies, the various party leaders took advantage of the debate to throw some serious shade at their political opponents. 

Since it was their last chance to win the vote of the electors, they were on fire and viewers were treated to several rather striking and funny one-liners during this particular debate. However, if you aren't fluent in French or missed the debate, we've compiled a list of the best phrases thrown around last night. 

Elizabeth May On Fire

Taking a page out of Greta Thunberg's book last night, Green Party leader Elizabeth May said "Greta Thunberg is right, our house is on fire, how dare you." 

Mr. Deny Becomes Mr. Pipeline

In a follow up to his shady Mr. Deny and Mr. Delay comment from the English debate, Jagmeet Singh targetted Trudeau, Scheer and this time Maxime Bernier saying "Mr. Pipeline, Mr. Pipeline, Mr. Pipeline, and I'm Jagmeet Singh." 

Maxime Won't Win His Own Riding

Andrew Scheer took a direct hit at one of his former colleagues last night, telling Maxime Bernier not only that he wouldn't form government but that he probably wouldn't win his own riding. He said, "Maxime you will not impose anything at all, you will not even win in Beauce." 

Great Talker, Small Maker

In yet another shady comment from Singh, the NDP leader targetted Trudeau's environmental policies saying "In terms of the environment, Justin Trudeau is a great talker, a small maker." 

Cutting The Mics

The politicians weren't the only ones with great comments last night. Moderator Patrice Roy has been praised as the winner of the debate, especially after one incident of trying to restore order. He said, "we're cutting the mics, we're cutting the mics!" 

Bizarre Business

Always a fan of a 2-for-1 dig, Bloc leader Yves-Francois Blanchet took at dig at Trudeau while responding to Scheer, saying that Trudeau "doesn't have a monopoly on bizarre business" and saying that Scheer is weird too. 

Blanchet, Uninterrupted

In another comment directed at Andrew Scheer, Blanchet was sick of his time being interrupted and finally said to Scheer, "I'm not Justin Trudeau, do not cut me off every 3 seconds." 

The Right To Speak

Not to be out-shown by her opponents, at one point in the debate Elizabeth May put her foot down, shouting "Stop quibbling, I have the right to speak too!"

Singh & Bernier Actually Agree

In what he said was a rare instance Jagmeet Singh actually landed on the same side of the debate as Maxime Bernier at one point. He said, "It's so hard to say, but it's going to be the only time in my life that I agree with Mr. Bernier." 

The French leader's debate was the last of the election campaign. Canadians officially head to the polls on October 21, but advanced polls are currently open across Canada. 

This article was originally published in french on Narcity Quebec.

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