Don’t turn the heating off just yet! Just when you thought the May weather conditions couldn’t get much worse in Ontario, Environment Canada has issued a frost advisory. In Toronto, Ottawa, Gatineau and across eastern Ontario, below freezing temperatures are coming, and even more snow is in the forecast, too. Yikes!

It seems Ontario’s bad weather is sticking around. After parts of the province dealt with freezing conditions and snow flurries this week, Environment Canada has suggested there’s no point turning the heating off just yet.

According to the government agency, there’s going to be some seriously low temperatures across eastern Ontario and in the Ottawa-Gatineau region on Sunday night. It’s going to get so cold, they’ve even issued a frost advisory.

A frost advisory is issued when "widespread frost formation is expected over an extensive area," explains Environment Canada. Temperatures are expected to fall near or below freezing during the overnight period.

“Near or below 0 C temperatures are expected to result in frost or freezing conditions overnight into Monday morning,” Environment Canada explained in a statement on Sunday.

“Along with these frost or freeze conditions, there is the possibility of snow tonight and Monday morning.”

The agency added that May 11 officially marks the beginning of the 2020 Frost Advisory Season for Ottawa and eastern Ontario.

Sadly, conditions aren’t expected to make a drastic improvement until later next week.

Over the next few days, Ontario residents can expect near freezing temperatures almost every night, as Environment Canada reports a “cold air mass” has settled into the area.

On Monday, there’s a 30% chance of snow and flurries, with highs of just 7 C.

According to CTV News, the average temperature for this time of year is around 19 C, with lows of 7 C.

It’s been a frosty start to the spring season in Ontario, as the province has experienced snow, freezing temperatures, and even a polar vortex.

In April, Ottawa was the coldest capital city in the world, and it was chillier than Moscow, Helsinki and even Reykjavik!

In cottage country, there were January-like scenes this week, as locals woke up to a serious amount of snow. 

What is spring, anyway?!

Fortunately, there’s a glimmer of hope at the end of this snowy, slushy, winter-like tunnel.

By the end of next week, temperatures are expected to climb back up, leading to pleasant conditions across the Victoria Day long weekend.

Environment Canada’s forecast calls for highs of 22 C by Saturday in Toronto, Ottawa and across eastern Ontario.

Cheers to that! 

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