Health Canada released a notice this morning about a consumer product recall by Restoration Hardware, a home-furnishings company with several locations across Canada. The item in question is Restoration Hardware's Annecy and La Salle Coffee Tables in Dark Zinc. The recall warning applies to the entire Canadian general public. The reason is classified as a health hazard.

According to the recall notice, the recalled tables are are "rectangular, covered in dark grey metal finish". Owners of the tables can find the item and P.O. numbers on a green sticker label underneath it. 

There are 6 coffee tables included in the recall by Restoration Hardware. Dozens of PO numbers are among those affected by the recall. Those with matching PO numbers on their coffee tables as the ones listed are advised to cover the table immediately and store it out of reach of children.

Health Canada states that the plating underneath the surface coating may contain lead. It can be toxic if ingested, especially by children, and cause lead poisoning. As of February 4th, two injuries have been reported in the US as a result. So far, none have been reported in Canada.

The tables in question were sold in Canada between August 2013 and December 2017. Approximately 75 units were sold across the country within that time. The following two photos of the coffee table have been provided by Health Canada:

Via Health Canada

Via Health Canada

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These are the names and item numbers of the coffee tables included in the recall:

Via Health Canada

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Health Canada says that Restoration Hardware will provide a full refund or free replacement table to anyone affected. Restoration Hardware's customer service can be reached toll-free at 888-728-8419 Monday to Friday.



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