The health of one Canadian province has taken a hit, prompting Eastern Health to publish a public advisory warning the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador about an increase in gonorrhea cases.  This spike in the number of gonorrhea cases that are being contracted in eastern Newfoundland has led to health officials to issue a reminder about safe sex practices. They are also warning residents of the province to get tested for the STI that continues to be on the rise there. 

Today, Eastern Health released a statement about the increase in gonorrhea cases. While they do not state the number of individuals who have contracted the STI recently, they state that there has been a noticeable increase throughout the province. This increase is so noticeable that it has prompted them to release information about safe sex across the province. 

Eastern Health warns that the practice of safe sex is extremely important and to always use protection when engaging in sexual activities. They urge that you should get tested for STIs as part as your normal health care routine and that gonorrhea is easily treated if it is caught early. 

However, if gonorrhea isn't treated early it can lead to serious problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease in women which can cause infertility. It can also lead to arthritis and widespread infection that can affect the skin, heart, and brain. 

Symptoms of gonorrhea can appear within the first five days after sex but can take as long as 30 days to appear. Symptoms include painful urination and a sore throat. However, many people who contract the disease do not get symptoms and can pass the infection onto their partners without being aware. 

However, this isn't the only Atlantic province that is experiencing a gonorrhea problem. Last month, Narcity reported that New Brunswick declared a provincial gonorrhea outbreak. 96 gonorrhea cases were reported last year in that province alone and researchers were blaming the anonymity of dating apps leading to this increase. 

It was stated then that gonorrhea is the second most common STI in the country and that dating apps and anonymity during sex has made it difficult to track the infections when they arise. 

It's not just the eastern part of Canada suffering from this outbreak, it seems that it's the majority of Canada that is actually facing this increase. Narcity reported that around 19,800 cases of gonorrhea were recorded in Canada throughout 2015, which was a 65% increase in the number of cases that were present in 2010. 

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