B.C. hasn't even reopened yet, but the people have been taking to the streets, anyway. Google released its latest mobility reports on Saturday, May 9, which show how often Canadians leave the house. According to the Google location stats, B.C. residents have been out and about more than people in all the other provinces. 

Google regularly releases reports with these types of stats. They gather the data from the Google users who keep their location turned on, so the company can monitor where the locals are heading throughout the day. 

The latest report, released on May 9, shows that there's been an 84% increase in the number of British Columbians who have been hanging out at parks. All figures are compared to figures from a baseline, a period in January and February of 2020.

No other province has reported such a huge increase in the same report, although the data does show that more 24% more Albertans have begun going to the parks in recent days. 

In terms of what's being defined as a park here, Google says that places like national parks, public beaches, marinas, dog parks, plazas, and public gardens all count as parks. 

If the crowds at the Vancouver beaches are any indication, it's safe to say that B.C.'ers aren't indoor creatures.

Especially as the weather warms up and the parks begin to open to the public again. 

Not many more people have begun going to the grocery stores in B.C., as that category shows a 3% spike. 

However, places like retail stores, transit stations, and workplaces have faced a drop in traffic, based on the latest report. 

Keep in mind that retail stores have been closed for a while now, which may explain the drop. The numbers could go up again since retail stores can begin reopening on May 19, as per Premier John Horgan's address. 

It's been a steady increase in terms of B.C. locals this month.

The report released on May 7 showed that there was an increase of 103% of people going to the parks in B.C., relative to their activities during the baseline period. This number also far surpasses that of any other province. 

There must be something about our parks that gets people up and ready to leave the house. Even when there is a pandemic going around the world. 

But take these stats with a grain of salt. Google themselves said that they don't recommend using this data to compare "regions with different characteristics" with one another.

While it's looking good for parks, the latest stats show that Canadians as a whole are decreasing their visits to grocery stores, transit stations, and workplaces. 

We will have to wait for the next round of data to see if the reopening plans have made a sizeable difference. 

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