The Vancouver Island community of Sooke, B.C. has an unofficial goose poop hero who's saved them from tons of turds. With a specialized "poop Zamboni", local politician Mike Hicks took to cleaning his hometown's goose turd-covered fields with astonishing success.

While Canada geese are sometimes romanticized by people unaware of their true nature, the people of Sooke know better. Their poop-covered fields can attest to it.

One day, Hicks had enough. He was frustrated by the goose poop that desecrated his beautiful city. That's when an idea struck; he could invest in a special machine to do the work for him.

Specifically: an almost $10,000 made-in-New-Zealand tow and collect machine made specifically for dung cleanup. He soon purchased the beast with federal gas tax money.

"They use it in horse paddocks, mainly picking up horse shit," said Hicks to Narcity. "So I wasn't sure how it would work, but it works great."

Hicks installed the machine behind his truck and took it for a test run on a soccer field. As he rode, its little brushes worked to scrape poop out of the grass and into a special receptacle.

The results were marvellous.

"It works just great. It's easy to operate, it doesn't break down. Perfect," said Hicks.

As the director for the Juan de Fuca electoral area, Hicks told Narcity he'd been eyeing the problem for four years now. He simply wanted a clean area for his kids to play.

"The people that use the field, the children and stuff, they're ecstatic," he said.

The goose poo problem isn't just limited to Sooke — the turds have infected the States too, despite what the name "Canada goose" might imply.

It's not just a vanity issue either. The poop can contaminate waters and contain harmful parasites and diseases like e. coli.

With his work done, Hicks is giving the Zamboni back to the people of Sooke so they can use the machine to clean their fields and golf courses.

"I think and I hope that lots of other recreation facilities everywhere will use it," he said.



"It will clean up the poop, one field at a time," Hicks said. 

Maybe this solution could be used in other parts of the province and Canada to help solve the poop problems that plague us once the geese return from their migrations.

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