Gordon Ramsey is known for his fantastic food and exceptionally loudmouth, but that's exactly why the internet is obsessed with him. Not only do we use his super quotable show for GIF's, his recipes are off the charts, so it's no surprise that Ramsey recently hit a billion views. 

Obviously, a billion is a really big deal. There are under 10 billion people on this entire planet, so that means at least 1/10th of the world's population is watching. Yet, the way Gordon Ramsey celebrated took everyone by surprise. 

Ramsey teamed up with Riverdale's Madelaine Petsch for a mystery box cook-off. The duo had matching aprons and made sure that the meal was vegan, as Petsch has been one since she was only 14-years old. 

It was also revealed that Ramsey and Petsch knew each other previously. Petsch was actually a production assistant on "Master Chef Jr." What a small world! 

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When Ramsey said that he had heard that Petsch was a foodie, she responded with "didn't you know I'm a vegan?" Ramsey told her to hold off on her joking, but Petsch actually takes her diet quite seriously. 

Master Chef's first vegan cook-off ended with two unique dishes that showcased both chefs' skills for plant-based food. Ramsey cooked a marinated cauliflower steak with a side of chickpeas while Petsch whipped up some kelp noodles with a kale pesto. 

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Twitter has already started to overflow with hilarious reactions to the duo's cooking challenge. Fans were loving the competition between these two. 

Though you have to watch both Ramsey and Petsch's videos to see the winner, the winner is obviously the vegan queen, Madelaine. Sorry Gordon, better luck next time! 

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