Since last month, the province of Quebec has been mourning the loss of a Granby Girl, a 7-year-old who died from her injuries after she was reportedly found in "poor condition", tied up and gagged in the care of her father and step-mother. This Thursday, the Granby courthouse laid two new charges on the father who was involved in the death of his daughter, but he is still not facing any murder charges.

Warning: This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Last month, Narcity reported on the case where a 7-year-old girl from Grandby, Quebec was found in poor condition under the care of her father and step-mother. It was reported that she was discovered after she was locked in her room, tied and gagged for hours. Allegedly, the parents had bound the girl in her room because she was too agitated. 

The girl was rushed to hospital where she spent the last 24 hours of her life in critical condition before succumbing to her injuries. 

After the girl was discovered in critical condition but alive, charges were laid for kidnapping and aggravated assault against the step-mother, while the father was charged with unlawful confinement. Since the girl was found alive murder wasn't considered, however, since her death it has become a question for many. 

Today, a month after the incident, the couple appeared in court for the second time,  where the father now faces two new charged in relation to the death of his daughter. 

According to CBC, the 30-year-old father now faces charges for failure to provide the necessaries of life and abandonment of a child. Yet, murder charges still have not been given to either of the parents in this case. 

Global News states that the couple was also expected to appear in court for bail hearings today, but the hearing has been postponed since the two of them had not yet arrived with prison transport. 

Back when the couple appeared in court on May 2, the Prosecutor's office spokesperson, Jean-Pascal Boucher stated that the investigation to the 7-year-old girl's death was still ongoing and there was a possibility that more charges could be pressed in the future. 

Since then, many Canadians expressed their concerns over the lack of charges and also the lack of action that had been taken from officials prior to this tragic incident. Even today, they are still sharing their concerns over the Granby Girl case. 

The identities of the child and parents are currently under a publication ban in attempts to protect the child's identity, hence why she is only known as Granby Girl. 

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