A cruise ship grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons is coming to B.C. soon. The ship, which has 21 patients with COVID-19 aboard, will arrive in Vancouver and Victoria this April. Port authorities are closely monitoring the Grand Princess coming to B.C. to dock and readying themselves in response.

The cruise ship will be docking on Thursday, April 2 in Vancouver and Friday, April 3 in Victoria.

There are 235 Canadians aboard, out of roughly 3,500 people in total on the ship.

According to the Guardian, 21 out of 43 people tested for novel coronavirus returned a positive result. 

Port authorities are looking to the Public Health Agency of Canada for guidance, said the Port of Vancouver in a statement to Narcity.

They're communicating with their partners to keep careful track of "passenger numbers, changes to itineraries and updated protocols and procedures in place in preparation for the upcoming cruise season," they continued.

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority is also looking to the experts.

"Until we have further direction from Health BC and Island Health, who are the experts in this matter, we will remain prepared to implement Health Canada’s procedures and policies for all inbound vessels and passengers," they told Narcity.

According to the CBC, the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority assures that all the cruise ships are "rigorously cleaned" and that their terminals will receive extra cleaning while novel Coronavirus still spreads.


Alberta's first case of COVID-19 was a passenger from the Grand Princess cruise who was discharged because she showed no symptoms at the time.

Passengers aboard the Grand Princess were linked to novel coronavirus outbreaks in other parts of the world.

Princess Cruises also owns the Diamond Princess, another cruise ship that was quarantined by Japan out of novel coronavirus concerns.

So far, seven passengers from the Diamond Princess have died. 619 tested positive, according to Medical News Today.

In response to novel coronavirus and the quarantines, Princess Cruises introduced a cancellation policy in case future travellers change their minds about their vacation plans. 

There are currently 57 confirmed novel coronavirus cases in Canada. Almost half are in B.C.

Narcity reached out to Princess Cruises and Public Health Agency of Canada for comment and this article will be updated.

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