We're all familiar with Jaws, right? A scary movie that shows a great white shark terrorizing humans in a beachy vacation town. Well, a rare great white shark was spotted in Quebec very recently. 

A great white shark was found roaming in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence for a few days. Before you freak out, the shark is known to officials and his name is Brunswick. 

The animal was chipped by Ocearch, a non-profit organization based in the United States back on February 26, 2019. The mastodon was almost three meters long at the time and had a satellite chip installed in him so they could keep track of his movements.

According to Twitter, Brunswick was found in the Magdalen Islands today on Tuesday, July 16. He's reportedly been swimming around this area for the past few days.

Another Twitter account was created in honour of the great mastodon. Since he was followed by the organization, he left the city of Brunswick, which is why he was named after the town.

After that, he went up north to Quebec, along the eastern coast of the United States.

Now, he's currently located near the Island of Havre aux Maisons.

While it is very rare to see a great white shark in Quebec waters, it's not entirely uncommon to see sharks in Canada during this time of year.

While the weather begins to warm up, great white sharks are known to swim upwards toward Canada in search of cooler climates and more food.

Last summer, there were multiple reports of great white sharks spotted on the shores of Canada around this time of year.

Source: Narcity Quebec - Christine Emond

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