On February 2, a brutally intense brawl took place at a university hockey game at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Now, two head coaches and 15 university hockey players have been suspended after the viral massive brawl that took place at the hockey game. Atlantic University Sport announced the suspensions today on February 6 in a news release on their website. 

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It all started when a massive brawl broke out during a hockey game between two university teams: Acadia Axemen and St. FX X-Men. The fight was recorded and uploaded to Youtube, where it went completely viral.  A few days later, the suspensions have been handed out to both teams by the Atlantic University Sport Association. 

The head coaches of both university hockey teams have been suspended, alongside six players from Acadia Axemen and nine from the St. FX X-Men, according to the news release. The suspensions will last between two to five games, which is a total of 39 games.

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Check out the video below of the intense hockey game brawl that was posted on Youtube

Via Humans Doing Things Youtube

Via Humans Doing Things Youtube

"This whole situation is extremely disappointing," said Atlantic University Sport executive director Phil Currie in the news release. "These are institutions of higher learning and as university sport administrators, violence at our events is unacceptable." 

Currie also took the opportunity to frown upon fighting in university sports, which is can be a common thing that happens at hockey games in general. "There is no place for fighting in university sport—be it in hockey, basketball, volleyball or any other sport," he said. "Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our student-athletes."

To find out more about the suspensions, you can visit Atlantic University Sport's website

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