Many Canadian cities have been cracking down on where people can smoke for years now but one city has taken it to the extreme.

Most cities just limit where people can smoke, like how you can’t smoke in restaurants now.

But one city one has gone and banned smoking in public completely. 

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The city is Halifax, where council voted earlier to completely ban smoking in public places unless you have permission from the city to.

And this isn’t just cigarettes and cigars, this also applies to vaping and marijuana when it’s officially legal too.

The vote by city council was 13-3 in favour of the total ban with almost no real debate.

As you can imagine people who smoke are really pissed off about the whole thing. 

City Councillors say the issue is simply that you shouldn’t be allowed to smoke anywhere you aren’t allowed to drink alcohol.

Police will now be able to issue fines to people they catch smoking in public ranging from $25 to $100. 

The city is now in the process of putting up 1,000 more ‘no smoking signs’ around town so that everyone knows not to light up. 

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It is important to note that the city does plan to have some designated smoking areas however unless indicated by a sign, the area should be assumed to be smoking prohibited. 

A spokesperson for the city told the CBC that you can also still smoke in your car as long as you don't 'become a nuisance'

So be aware if you’re visiting Halifax this summer you may as well leave your lighter and cigarettes at home unless you want to be fined. 

Source: CTV

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