People who are convicted of committing murder can usually expect to spend quite some time behind bars before becoming eligible for parole.

One such convicted man is hoping that he’ll be eligible for parole sooner than most in his situation though.

That’s because according to his lawyers he dealing with PTSD because of the crime he committed. 

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Back in 2015, Christopher Garnier strangled an off-duty police officer named Catherine Campbell to death then dumped her body in a compost bin near a harbour in Halifax where it remained undetected for almost 5 days.

He has been convicted of second-degree murder and interfering with a body.

His conviction comes with an automatic life sentence but he and his legal team are hoping that he’ll be up for parole sooner than most convicted cop killers because of his PTSD diagnosis.

According to the legal team, Garnier's PTSD was brought on by the murder that he committed.

According to law Garnier must serve a minimum of 10 to 25 years before being eligible to get parole. 

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His lawyers are hoping he’ll be able to get parole in 10 years, because they say he is “a kind, caring person,” who now suffers from PTSD because of his actions and is remorseful for his crime.

The prosecution sees it very differently, pointing out that Campbell died in a gruesome way which would not have been quick and that Garnier tried to hide the evidence and cover up the crime.

“The message should be sent that Mr. Garnier should forever be remembered as the person who stole Ms. Campbell’s future for no reason, and then treated her remains like garbage,” they say. 

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The hearing to decide when Garnier will be able to get parole is being held on Monday next week. 


Source: Global News

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