A 34-year-old man has been arrested in Halifax and is facing multiple charges after he managed to pull off three robberies in just 30 minutes. According to the police statement, the man burgled three businesses at knifepoint in the Halifax Regional Municipality between the hours of 11:30 PM and 11:55 PM on Thursday, August 8. In a window of just 60 minutes, the suspect also managed to damage two vehicles on the road, before being struck by an RCMP officer in his police vehicle.

The burgling spree began at approximately 11:30 PM, when the man headed to the 6700 block of Highway 2 in Enfield. The police report reveals that the man entered an unnamed business property and wielded a knife, forcing an employee to hand over cash. He then fled the scene in a stolen vehicle.

Only 15 minutes later, the same suspect entered another business on the 2900 block of Highway 2 in Fall River. At approximately 11:45 PM he entered the property, placing a knife on the counter, and demanded cigarettes and money from the staff. The employee at the second business handed over the requested items, and again, the suspect fled the scene in a vehicle.

Thinking three must be his lucky number, the suspect robbed a third property only ten minutes later, at 11:55 PM. The man entered the third business, less than 30 minutes after robbing the first property, and, again, produced a knife and threatened staff. He demanded money and cigarettes for a second time and left the scene with the items.

According to the statement from the RCMP, an officer saw the suspect in his vehicle, traveling eastbound on the Bedford Bypass. At approximately 12:30 PM Halifax Regional Police were informed, and officers were deployed to catch him.

The three-time-robber was able to avoid a spike-belt that was laid out by Halifax police and continued to evade police by speeding through a construction zone on Victoria Road. Not content with the crime already committed during the course of the previous hour, the suspect then sideswiped a vehicle and caused damage to both cars.

According to the news release, the sideswipe caused a collision between the two vehicles, which led the suspect’s car to spin out of control. The RCMP took this opportunity to strike the car and apprehend the suspect. Due to the nature of the crimes over the evening, Halifax police reports that the officer approached the suspect’s vehicle with caution, drawing their firearm and directing the man out of the car.

Thankfully, the 34-year-old was arrested without any further incident. He suffered minor injuries in the lead-up to his arrest, but was released from hospital shortly after arriving.

The triple-robber is facing multiple charges for his night of crime, including theft of a motor vehicle, uttering threats, possession of stolen property, robbery and possession of a weapon. Stolen cash was recovered from the vehicle, which was also determined to have been stolen earlier that day.

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