The winter weather in Halifax was full of snow and high winds on Monday, which made is quite difficult for planes to come and go safely. After a plane slipped off the runway, the airport decided to close its gates. This left passengers on an Air Canada flight heading towards Halifax stuck as the Fredericton airport for over eight hours. Luckily, the Air Canada pilot of the flight embraced his inner Canadian and generously ordered the entire plane pizza to enjoy while they waited. 

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Air Canada Flight 608 left Toronto on Monday afternoon for a short flight to Halifax. However, when it reached Halifax and was unable to land, the plane was forced to circle around and divert to Fredericton to wait out the weather. 

The plane was estimated to be stuck in Fredericton for over eight hours. Since the flight was a short one, no food options were available for the passengers who were now stuck on the plane for a lot longer than they originally bargained for. 

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However, passengers weren't hungry for long and the pilot made a phone call directly from the cockpit to a local pizza joint called Minglers Restaurant and Pub.  

There were only three staff members working in the kitchen when they received the phone call, but they were quickly able to make 23 large cheese and pepperoni pizzas before taking them to the airport.

Roughly 150 passengers greatly welcomed the pizza as flight attendants handed slices down the aisles.  

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According to passengers who reached out to CBC News, the pilot of the plane kept the passengers well informed during the entirety of the flight and delays and walked down the entire length of the plane to ensure that passengers were aware of the problems that they were facing. 

This isn't the first time that pizza has been delivered to a local airport. During the US government shut down which occurred earlier this year, Canada employees sent pizza to their American colleagues.  

Source: CBC News


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