Following Donald Trump’s victory in the November Presidential election, Halifax anthropology student Erica Baguma began to wonder a little bit more about the massive voting base that had put this controversial figure in power.

In an effort to start a dialogue surrounding the motivation and possible remorse Trump supporters were experiencing following their candidate’s victory, Baguma started the twitter handle @Trump_Regrets, which retweets negative sentiments from those who have expressed disappointment in the President’s actions throughout the beginning of his term in office.

“I was curious to see what Trump supporters were like because I’ve only ever heard about them from afar,” Baguma noted when asked what her motivation behind starting the account was.  As a Canadian, Baguma felt impacted by the election but wanted to hear how those across the border were coping with their new President.

Since starting the account four months ago, Baguma has amassed 205,000 followers at the time of this article’s publication, having tracked down and retweeted over 1,300 tweets from remorseful Trump voters.  The growth of her account has been gradual, but retweets from celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell and Mark Ruffalo have definitely helped earn the account some followers.

Ultimately Baguma says she has no final goal for the handle but hopes that by continuing her work, @Trump_Regrets can be a platform which exposes the discontent many Americans feel after choosing their current President.  Click here to follow the account yourself!

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