Sometimes the way a person treats an animal is beyond disturbing. Unfortunately, an incident in Nova Scotia was a prime example. Halifax Regional Police are now searching for a woman who swung a dog around by its leash.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The incident was first shared on the Halifax subreddit by user casualobserver1111, with the title "Anyone happen to catch the road rage incident on Windmill Road."

The user described the scene as two women getting into a physical altercation outside of a Beer Store, with one of them grabbing the other's dog and swinging it at her like a weapon.

The post included video of the woman swinging the dog around, which is very disturbing.

In it, the woman is walking away from the other person's vehicle with their dog on a leash. When the dog's owner approaches her, the woman turns around and hits her with the dog.

Eventually, the owner is able to get the dog back, but loud screaming can be heard on the video.

A second video included in the post shows the moments leading up to this encounter.

It appears to show a vehicle cutting into the line, with one of the women yelling and reaching into the passenger side window.

The Halifax Regional Police posted their report of the event on Twitter on July 4. 

They write that the July 1 altercation started because one vehicle cut another off in a drive-thru line.

Officers were called to the scene. Neither party wanted to press charges, and the police said that there were two dogs at the scene. Both of them appeared to be fine.

It wasn't until later that authorities became aware of the video showing the abuse toward one of the dogs.

They are continuing their investigation into the incident and asking anyone with information to contact them or Crime Stoppers.

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