Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn't the only minister to recently question the civil unrest that is currently unfolding on the east-coast between Mi'kmaw fishermen and commercial fisherman.  

The violent dispute in Nova Scotia that has played out in front of Canadians has so far seen cars engulfed in flames, facilities burnt to ashes, people in hospital with injuries and the RCMP reportedly not doing enough

On Monday, Canadian ministers took to the mic to share their disappointment in the treatment of Indigenous peoples and have revealed a new plan. 

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Throughout history, Indigenous peoples have experienced continuous discrimination and to this day still suffer the consequences of colonial practices, but they have shown an extreme resilience and courage in standing up for their rights

Marc Miller, Indigenous Services Minister.

So what is Canada going to do about it? They're sending in reinforcement. 

And this includes Indigenous officers being called to the front, according to CBC.

The move comes after the RCMP failed to protect Indigenous peoples who by law have the right to fish and are in the right, according to Marc Miller, Indigenous Services Minister.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair gave the green light to increase the RCMP's presence following the lack of adequate response. 

The new presence includes "a number" of Indigenous officers from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, he said.

"These officers are conducting supplemental uniform patrols to high-risk areas maintaining a strong presence," Blair said.

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