Does anybody else hear the Jaws theme playing? It might have come to mind for a family that got up close and personal with a Nova Scotia great white shark. The encounter with the huge animal was captured on video.

In a July 22 Facebook post, Samantha Leblanc shared a video of her family getting a great look at a massive shark just under the surface while out on their boat.

"We saw a great white shark not tagged almost as long as the speed boat around the wedgeport wharf just off," she wrote in her caption, "omg the best part of today so far I was sooo excited I wanna find him again guess no tubing there lol."

The shark is clearly visible in the first part of the video but slips back under the water.

"I'm scared that he'll jump the boat," Leblanc says in the video, amidst all the excitement at the rare sighting.

Leblanc told Narcity that she and her family were out on their boat when they spotted a fin in the water.

They hoped it was something other than just a sunfish or a Baskin shark, and apparently they got their wish.

"When we slowly approached, it in fact was a great white," Leblanc said, "my heart was pumping and I was so excited."

She said that the Twitter account, MA Sharks, confirmed that this was a great white, and the estimated size was about 14 to 16 feet.

She added that the family decided to call the animal "Giganto," which seems like a fitting name.

CTV News reports that this is the first great white sighting of the year in the region, according to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy.

"Seeing this shark was a dream come true," Leblanc said, "I dream of seeing one every time we go out boating."

Leblanc and her husband both work on his lobster fishing boat, and they plan to go cage diving with even more sharks in Cape Town, South Africa once it is safe to travel again.

"We are what you call thrill seekers," she said.

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