It may look cool in the movies, but there's no denying that street racing is incredibly unsafe, and the Nova Scotia RCMP had to recently bust up a massive event centred around the illegal activity.

In a July 30 Facebook post, the authorities shared a photo of Otter Lake Drive, near Halifax, which had been marked up with tire tracks after a night of street racing involving over 300 cars, all of which bailed once the police arrived.

"The need to speed is best done on a controlled track," Cpl. Dal Hutchinson with the Halifax District RCMP Traffic Unit said in a statement, "The consequences of street racing last longer than bragging rights."

All of the drivers who were present at the illegal event (which sounds like it was basically like the Maritime version of a Fast & Furious movie), could be charged under the Motor Vehicles Act.

That means that they could receive fines of up to $2422.50.

Via Nova Scotia RCMP
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