A spooky incident that occurred outside of the mayor's residence on Monday has Hamilton police investigating. 

According to a press release, a group of Defund Police demonstrators left a coffin outside Fred Eisenberger's home in an attempt to send him a message.

The casket was reportedly filled with roses, accompanying plants, and naloxone kits.

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Officers arrived on the scene shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Monday.

Defund HPS later took to Twitter to take credit for the stunt.

The video shows a group of protesters gathered outside of the mayor's home standing next to the coffin.

According to the organization, the casket was left "to remind him of the blood on his hands" after reportedly removing people from an encampment outside City Hall. 

Doug Ford has also been forced to deal with another kind of demonstrators gathering outside of his home, blasting the group as a "bunch of buffoons" last Friday.

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