While there are many essential businesses still open in Ontario, drug dealing isn't one of them. An alleged drug dealer from Ancaster, Ontario has just been slapped with a fine after they were caught operating during the state of emergency.  The suspect has been issued a provincial offence ticket along with drug trafficking offences, according to Hamilton Police.

On March 27, Hamilton Police investigated a black Jeep Grand Cherokee after noticing it driving aggressively in the area of Main S. E. and Sanford Ave. South in Hamilton.

After observing the driver make "several stops to conduct drug transactions," the police made an arrest shortly before 8 p.m. 

Nearly $6,000 in cash and $3,400 in drugs were seized on the scene. 

The suspect was taken into custody with four charges, which included violating the Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act (EMCPA).

Since Ontario declared a state of emergency, the EMCPA has invoked a condition where all non-essential businesses need to be closed temporarily.

Those who are still operating can be faced with a $750 fine if found guilty, according to a news release

Therefore, when police found the suspect selling drugs during the time where non-essential businesses should be closed, he was slapped with the fine. 

His case was heard on March 28 at the John Sopinka Courthouse and is awaiting a verdict.

"As a result of trafficking drugs in the community, the male was informed he would be charged for violating the order and was issued a provincial offence ticket. If found guilty, the penalty can include a $750 fine and service charges," says the police statement

Other Ontario businesses have been forced to shut down as well, with the threat of police involvement if they do not. 

The province is also handing out fines to citizens who refuse to social distance. Now, you can get fined up to $100K in Ottawa for hosting parties during the pandemic. 


Toronto mayor John Tory has already called out Torontonians for hanging out in parks in groups during the pandemic.

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