Hamilton's fire chief is urging hikers to stay on trails after a rescue attempt late on Wednesday night ended with an Ontario firefighter injured. The firefighter was part of a group attempting to rescue lost hikers near Albion Falls in Hamilton. Chief Dave Cunliffe says the incident would have been avoided if the people had stayed on the trails. 

The firefighter fell 15 to 20 feet after losing his footing and had to be pulled up by ropes by his colleagues. The emergency personnel were responding to a call which came in about 9:45 p.m. on Wednesday about hikers who had got lost in a restricted area of Albion Falls after wandering off the path. 

According to Global News, Hamilton police said the firefighter suffered "serious" injuries to his head and face, including fractures.

"I can't stress enough - these types of situations are absolutely preventable and people need to adhere to the signage and the protection that's being put in place," said fire chief Cunliffe, as quoted by CBC News.

Global reports it has been suggested that the hikers involved in the incident could face charges for entering a prohibited area.

The firefighter was brought to hospital with serious injuries and is still there recovering, albeit in serious but stable condition, at the time of publication. Cunliffe added the firefighter had injuries to his head and face but the helmet he was wearing may have helped protect him. 

The injured firefighter isn't the only one who was impacted by the incident.

"The one firefighter basically watched as his team member went over the falls. This is all about mental health and mental wellness," said Cunliffe. 

People are not surprised by what happened and many are sending well wishes to the firefighter who was injured.

Cunliffe said the city has put up fences and signs to deter people from going into restricted areas.

One person noted that for the most part, these security efforts seem to be working. 

Though it seems some people still aren't heeding the warnings. 

Two of the lost hikers were also brought to hospital along with the injured firefighter, with one of them suffering from an injured ankle. 

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