You'd have to be living under a rock to not know that H&M has been in hot water for over a week now due to a very controversial sweater. Public outrage over H&M's choice to dress a small boy of colour in a sweater that read "coolest monkey in the jungle" resulted in many people boycotting the brand. Though it wasn't just regular shoppers who were distancing themselves from the popular retailer, celebrities who have collaborated with the brand in the past such as The Weeknd and G-Eazy took to Twitter to publicly disassociate with H&M as well. 

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So it's clear that the clothing company has some serious damage control on their hands to get people back in the store, that is if the stores are even capable of hosting customers. Some stores have actually had to shut down because protestors have come in and destroyed the interiors to the point where employees were afraid to come in for a shift. 

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Since then many shoppers found it very convenient that the retailer is now hosting a 'Winter Blowout 80% Off Sale.' While it's not deemed as an actual apology sale, many noted that it was very convenient for the store to host such a massive sale just a week after realizing that this sweater drama wasn't subsiding.  Many believe it's a marketing ploy to bring customers back.


Twitter users were extremely vocal about the whole situation when it went down, and it seemed that it would be hard to convince many to come back into stores. Though once the 80% off sale was revealed, many Twitter users took to the app to speak on the massive reductions: 

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While it's pretty equal in terms of who is still boycotting H&M and who is taking advantage of the sale, it's clear that the brand will have to do a little bit more than host a good sale to get back into all of their client's good graces. The brand took to Instagram just yesterday with a cryptic "there will be more from us soon" post, so only time will tell what their next move will be. 

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