While they may not be working on behalf of the Royal family anymore, Harry and Meghan still want to do their part. Finding new work probably won't be too difficult for the couple. In fact, people have even decided to help them out with suggestions.

Since the couple will no longer be drawing public funds as members of the royal family, they will need to find other ways to make their own money.

Luckily, the hashtag #NewJobsForMeghanAndHarry began trending on Twitter on January 30, and people were all too quick to begin offering up ideas for new jobs that the couple could take on.

Some of these suggestions include "Playing Mulder and Scully in an X Files reboot," "Walmart greeters," and "The new Burger King & Dairy Queen."

Even Canadian laundry legend Ed The Sock offered the couple a career opportunity, writing "#NewJobsForMeghanAndHarry They're welcome to host their own podcast on FUN - The FU_Network. I like people with integrity."

Other suggestions seemed to be sincere, and focused on the couple's past experience.

"Meghan has experience in film. Vancouver is a film hub and they're currently in B.C. Start a new film festival for upcoming directors, writers etc... #NewJobsForMeghanAndHarry" wrote @eirelandlily.

"Mental health for Veterans. He's good at it! #NewJobsForMeghanAndHarry" wrote @MimiRocahzwei.


Other Twitter users took the opportunity to take shots at young royals, and to once again bring up the issue of paying for the couple's security.

"Who cares what the future holds for them, so long as they don't expect #CanadianTaxpayers to pay 1 cent to provide for their security,housing, etc! Let them pay their own bills. NEITHER are citizens, why are they staying here? #NewJobsForMeghanAndHarry?: Supporting themselves!" wrote @susanbenham1.

"Continue to milk the low IQ public who think they are “cool” for being spoilt divas. Henry - that’s his name - has never stepped foot in a Lidl or Home Bargains but somehow can still play a victim card. Fair play 🤣#NewJobsForMeghanAndHarry" wrote @ScouseComic.

Considering that the Premier of British Columbia has suggested that Meghan could get right back into acting, it might not even be that hard for her to at least land a few auditions.

The couple has already proven that they want to take part in Canadian causes by sharing an Instagram story to publicize Bell Let's Talk Day.

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