Just in time for the fall season to begin, the night of Friday the 13th brought with it a spooky lunar event that only occurs once in every decade or two. The Harvest Moon refers to the full moon that rises closest to the beginning of fall, and it was as massive, bright, and beautiful as expected! 

If the extra-rare moon was not magical enough already, the Harvest Moon can often be seen to have an orange-y glow, making it look extra autumnal and spooky. According to Global News, the orange tint comes as a result of the moon rising so soon after the sun has set, sometimes as quickly as just ten minutes later!

In fact, Friday’s Harvest Moon was so rare that there hasn’t been one like it for 152 years! According to The Weather Network, it was probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see it, as a similar Harvest Moon is not expected to land on Friday 13th for another 152 years!

Fortunately, if you missed the stunning one-off moon last night, Canadians from across the country have taken to social media to share their own photos of the Harvest Moon, and some of them are almost as good as the real thing!

The Weather Network explains that the last time we actually saw a Harvest Moon in Canada was technically in 1935, as the Full Moon rose on the night of Thursday, September 12 and set in the morning on Friday, September 13.

However, the Harvest Moon seen this weekend saw the Full Moon actually rise on September 13, and not setting until September 14. This has actually not been seen since 1867, 152 years ago!

Thankfully, there will probably be another Friday the 13th Full Moon in our lifetime, as the next one will be in August 2049!

However, if you’re hoping to catch another Friday the 13th Harvest Moon, you’ll probably be waiting a while, as The Weather Network reports there will not be another until September 2171! Yikes!

Thankfully, Canadians country-wide were prepared with their cameras to capture the moment, meaning that we all got to have a glimpse of the incredible Harvest Moon, even if we forget to look for it!

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