Dozens upon dozens of allegations against well-known producer Harvey Weinstein have continued to pile up in recent months. Though the most recent allegations concern his own assistant up until the time he was ostracized from Hollywood and fled to Arizona. Her name is Sandeep Rehal, and the details of what she went through as his assistant are horrific. 

While Weinstein denies these claims, Sandeep Rehal has filed a federal lawsuit against the producer in New York. Her claims are that Weinstein dictating emails to her while naked was a normal occurrence and that part of her job sometimes required cleaning up after his "sexual encounter." This included cleaning up semen off of his couch if he was out of town or throwing away used condoms. She was even in charge of buying him clean underwear. Rehal also claims that Weinstein frequently would touch her legs and butt without her consent and that he would routinely call her a "pussy" or "c*nt." 

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Considering the details above, it's no surprise that her lawsuit revolves around her argument that working under Weinstein resulted in a "hostile work environment." She also claims that Weinstein's brother, Robert and the company as a whole did nothing to resolve the issue and if anything condoned Harvey to continue his inappropriate actions in the workplace. The only element of friction against Harvey from within the company was that Rehal had been warned before taking the job by Robert that his brother Harvey was a "tough guy to work for." 

What Rehal didn't realize was that this didn't mean that he was your run of the mill tough boss. She was required to be on alert to help and assist Harvey 24/7 and had no boundaries between her work and personal life. She was required to not only pander to Harvey and his inappropriate and demeaning behaviour, but also the similar behaviour from his family members. 

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If you are interested in reading the full document regarding Rehal's suit, you can click here. As of now, Weinstein and his lawyers are denying the allegations, but Rehal's suit for damages, alleging ongoing economic and/or monetary harm, and violations of humans right law will be settled in court. 

Source: Bustle 

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