Health Canada is currently considering new laws regarding high-alcohol energy drinks like FCKD UP and FOUR LOKO. This discussion arises after a 14-year-old girl from Montreal died last month after consuming cans of "FCKD UP". The controversial drink has always been a debate in Canada but now Health Canada is taking the matter seriously.

Once news outlets covered the story last month, stores in Quebec quickly stopped serving the controversial drinks, and shortly after they were completely banned from Quebec.

Now, Health Canada is launching a public inquiry to decide whether they should restrict sales of the questionable drinks. The ministry will open a 45-day consultation period to decide if they drinks should be restricted, or if the sugar levels of the drink should be limited.

One of the biggest problems of the drinks is that their alcohol content is masked by the high sugar content. Which also makes them desirable for under-age drinkers. Another option would be to restrict the size of a single serving can. The size of a FCKD UP can is 586ml.

Geloso Group, the company that produced FCKD UP, has stopped producing the drink. The co-president Aldo Geloso explained that he regrets launching the product back in 2017.


Source: CTV News


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