In shocking technology news, Health Canada has recalled four different portable speaker models due to their potential to leak hydrogen gas when charging, and then burst, posing an ‘explosion hazard’. According to Health Canada's new recall alert, issued yesterday, approximately 2297 units of the affected products were sold in Canada between March 2016 to April 2019.

The products, which were manufactured in China, are now being recalled nationwide for having the potential to explode. The recall involves Sport Express, Cornerstone, Cornerstone Glow and Keystone Ion Audio portable speakers manufactured by InMusic Brands.

If you aren't sure whether your speaker falls under this recall, Health Canada has released a description of the products that are have been recalled. “The Sport Express speaker is black and has two knobs on the front with a neon blue lit clock. It is approximately 23 centimetres tall. The Cornerstone and Cornerstone Glow speakers are triangular in shape, have a white outer casing, and are approximately 35 centimetres wide and 25 centimetres tall. The Keystone Ion speaker is square with a white casing and grey center. It is approximately 20 centimetres wide and 23 centimetres tall.”

All of the recalled speakers were sold between March 2016 to April 2019, and it is expected approximately 2297 units were sold across the country during this time period.

Health Canada has also provided the following photos of the affected speakers:


As of May 27th 2019, there were no reports of incidents or injuries in Canada, but officials are suggesting anybody who owns one of the affected speakers should stop using the recalled device immediately and contact Ion Audio for a refund or exchange.

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