Health Canada made a shocking discovery in Ontario this week. According to the Canadian Department of Health, Health Canada seized a new type of “popper” from the Homerama Adult Video store, located at 2524 Eglinton Avenue East in Scarborough, Ontario. The "popper", a chemical product containing alkyl nitrites often inhaled for recreational drug purposes, included ethyl chloride on its ingredient list.

According to officials, ethyl chloride can be deadly when inhaled. Immediate medical attention is required if an individual inhales the compound and experiences any of the following side-effects, dizziness, sedation, reduced memory, alertness, and reduced consciousness, Health Canada states in their report.

The discovery of the product marks the first time that Health Canada has seized a “popper” which contains ethyl chloride. Any product which contains alkyl nitrites or ethyl chloride must be authorized by the Health Canada to be legally sold in Canada there currently no such items permitted to be sold in the country.

Premium Maximum Impact was the name of the product seized and it was labelled as a cleaning solvent. However, investigators were able to determine that solvent was being sold as a “popper,” to be inhaled by individuals for reactional purposes, something Health has issued repeated warnings about. Below is a photo of the product in question, provided by Health Canada.

"Popper" is a slang term used for products that contain either alkyl nitrites or ethyl chloride. The products are not illegal in the United States, making it somewhat easy for Canadians to get their hands on them, and are typically used for room odorizers, leather cleaners or even liquid incense. However, they are also ingested by some customers to experience the high it can create. People have been known to overdose on the product accidentally and frequent use of “poppers” has been linked to serious health risks.

Ethyl chloride was first used as an experimental inhaled anesthetic during the first half of the 20th century it was late determined unsafe and replaced with less harmful anesthetics.

According to Inverse, “poppers” are especially popular amongst those in the gay community - when inhaled, the body turns the product into nitric oxide, a chemical that opens blood vessels and drops an individual’s blood pressure greatly. As a result, the person's heart beats faster to normalize the pressure, giving the user an excitable yet relaxed sensation.

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