Hedley has been under fire for the past couple of months, and it seems like the band, who are taking an indefinite break from the music world after they finish their tour, can't exactly catch a break. If you're not familiar with this situation, the Canadian band is accused of sexual assault on young fans. So many women came out that they were dropped by their management and their JUNO nominations and performance were cancelled. Jacob Hoggard released a statement earlier this month saying the band was taking a long and needed break after all of these allegations to 'take a serious step back in order to make real changes in my life'.  

However, even though the band is still finishing up their tour and are pretty much broken up, that doesn't stop the allegations from coming. An Ottawa and Toronto woman both came out with detailed accusations of lead singer Jacob Hoggard, stating that the sex was consensual, but Hoggard took it too far. He basically ignored all of their cries and demands, to which he did he own thing, even going as far as asking to urinate on the Ottawa woman. 

Since this Toronto woman came out, Toronto police have been investigating Jacob Hoggard's series of events when it comes to sexual assault. As of yet, no charges have been made but Toronto police spokeswoman Meaghan Gray confirmed that the Sex Crimes Unit is doing an ongoing investigation on the matter. However, she confirmed with CP24 that she will not confirm that identity of anyone who has come forward. 

Jacob Hoggard has stated that he has never engaged in non-consensual sexual behaviour, but after all of the allegation towards him and the band, the Toronto police are playing it safe. Although they won't release what allegations they are investigating, his lawyer has denied any wrongdoing on Jacob's part. 

Hedley's last tour stop is on March 23rd in Kelowna, B.C., and then the band will take an 'indefinite break' after that. 

Source: CTV News

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