With the cold, wet and snowy weather among us, sniffles and coughing are definitely following with it. The flu season has launched into full swing this winter season around Canada, and some provinces are getting hit way more than others. According to the Weather Network’s Annual Flu Report, a total of 4,485 flu cases have been reported this season, 1,187 of these cases being recorded just this month!

The flu can hit people in many different ways, but almost always victims of the illness have a sudden onset of a cough and fever, often followed by a headache, sore throat and even nausea. Many people often ignore their symptoms and still go to work, school etc., helping to spread the illness around even more.

The flu has started to quickly spread throughout some Canadian provinces, and here are the ones that you should be aware of:

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Alberta currently holds the record for the highest amount of recorded flu cases this season. With 551 cases this month and over 2,566 this year they have over half of the recorded flu cases for the entire nation. Most of Alberta has been classified as Flu Activity Level 3 (Localized), which means that there have been recorded outbreaks of the flu travelling through schools, hospitals and residential institutions.

Quebec comes in second for positive flu tests, recorded 253 cases this month and 596 cases this season. Most of Quebec has also been recorded as a Flu Activity Level 3 this season, and Canadians are being advised to take flu prevention measures.

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Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan all follow behind these two provinces. Saskatchewan is the third highest ranking in flu outbreaks, with 557 outbreaks this season. While Ontario has had 248 outbreaks and British Columbia has experienced 263 out breaks this season.

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The Territories and Maritime Provinces have experienced a lot fewer flu cases this season and remain on a low level one on the flu activity scale.

With these outbreaks happening throughout Canada, the Weather Network is reminding Canadians how important it is to make sure you follow steps to prevent the flu. They encourage you to get the flu shot, always wash your hands and cough into sleeves, not your hands. It is also important to stay home if you think you are carrying the flu to prevent it from spreading throughout your workplace.

Source: Weather Network 

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