On Thursday, we covered a story regarding allegations made against Air Canada by their employees. The union that represents Air Canada employees has filed a human rights complaint against the airline due to numerous incidents where their workers were treated unfairly.

Some of the previous allegations claimed that female attendants were encouraged to show more cleavage and to wear makeup on the job. They were also asked to line up for a physical inspection where managers made comments about how they looked.

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According to Global News, the last complaint is much more concerning than we originally thought. According to a complaint filed on March 7th, flight attendants were lined up in a hallway and individually marked on their appearances. They were literally graded on their looks.

The attendants were displayed in a "runway" type of show where they were expected to display their flight attendant outfits for their peers to see. They were graded on how they wore the uniform, their bodies, makeup, clothes and nails.

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The worst part about the allegations is that during the ritual "runway" training sessions, there was allegedly racist comments made about the Air Canada employees.

According to the claim, comments were made about their "eyes were too small" or skin colour was "too white". Even further, flight attendants are also claiming to have endured incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination.

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One pregnant attendant was reportedly told during her debriefing that her pregnancy could cause "negative alterations on her mood" and she should be aware of it so it doesn't affect her work.

The new details coming out from Air Canada employees are very troubling. Click here to read the full report by Global News on the latest claims made by their flight attendants.

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