Meteorologists at The Weather Network released a statement this morning which reveals their official forecast predictions for this fall, and what kind of weather Canadians and every province and territory can expect. The report also includes predictions on the transition into winter, and whether or not we should brace ourselves for a brutal season.

The Weather Network's report has broken down each prediction by region, which includes a fall forecast for the rest of September, as well as for the months of October and November.

Here's a closer look at the conditions that Canadians should expect this fall and into winter.

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For Ontario and Quebec, there's good news. The Weather Network predicts milder temperatures this fall, with fewer storms and rainy days than usual. "More typical fall weather is forecast to prevail over the next few weeks," the report says. These two provinces can also expect the leaves to change later into the season than normal, but "fall foliage should be excellent overall."

In Atlantic Canada - which includes New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia and Newfoundland - milder temperatures are also on tap. "Above normal temperatures are forecast for the Maritimes this fall with extended periods of dry weather," meteorologists predict. However, some regions can expect above-average levels of rainfall, due to seasonal storm activity. 

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In B.C., warmer than normal conditions are expected to linger until late fall, which may lead to a slower than average start to ski season. However, "drier than normal conditions are anticipated across southern B.C., while above average precipitation is expected across northern parts of the province."  

In the Prairies - including Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba - an abrupt start to chilly October-like weather has already gripped the region. But, those conditions are expected to "settle into a more typical fall pattern for the middle and end of the season, with much of Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan tipping to the mild side of normal." Southern Alberta, in particular, can expect less rainfall than normal. 

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Finally, in northern Canada, "milder than normal temperatures are expected across Yukon and parts of the Northwest Territories, while colder than normal temperatures are forecast across much of Nunavut." Southern Yukon can expect above average rainfall this season. 

The Weather Network even created this Fall 2018 Forecast chart, with temperature and precipitation outlooks for the months ahead:

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For complete details on The Weather Network's Fall Forecast, broken down by each region across Canada, click here.

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