Kate Spade had only been back on the design scene for two years before she took her own life at age 55

The last TV interview she gave with Build Series almost a year ago. In it she discusses the almost decade long break she took from the spotlight to focus on raising her daughter and also about her latest project with her husband, Andy Spade.

She had stepped away from the Kate Spade brand in 2007 and did not return to fashion until 2016 when she and her husband launched their new accesory line Francis Valentine. 

In the interview she appears happy and talks about loving designing and motherhood, though these are not necessarily indicators that everything was OK leading up to her death. She does also mention that she worried a lot when she was younger, and still worried often about her company and success. 

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Most recently, Kate Spade was contacted by Forbes just this past May for a comment on an article but turned down the request. The article revealed that Spade would not receive any money for the sale of the Kate Spade brand. 

The brand was bought by Coach for $2.4 billion. Since both Kate and Andy Spade cashed out of the company in 2007, they did not receive anything from the very lucrative deal. 

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Since reports of her death there has been an outpouring of grief and many are sharing memories of their first Kate Spade bags and experiences they shared with the designer. 

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