This article was originally published on August 28, 2018.

While some of us have enjoyed soaking up the sun this summer other Canadians have been busy getting into trouble. Gun violence has caused tragedies across the country and Canada has truly had some horrible crime during the warm months. 

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So much so, that actually numerous Canadians who were caught on video while committing some wild crimes. From fights to robberies and even kidnappings, Canada has seen it all this summer. 

Here are 11 of the wildest crime videos that show just how crazy the summer months have been for Canadian police.

1. Two Canadians Blocked Traffic On A Busy Toronto Street To Have A Ruthless Fist Fight 

Earlier this month, two men got in a full-out brawl on College and Dufferin Street in Toronto, Ontario. The fight actually halted the busy intersection until one woman came out and finally put a stop to it all. 

2. Ontario Teenager Caused A Major Three-Car Accident, Ran Over A Victim, And Fled The Scene (EXPLICIT)

This incident occurred when an 18-year old girl hit multiple vehicles and nearly ran over one of her victims while fleeing the scene of the incident. She has now been charged with two counts of failing to remain at the scene and one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

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3. A Man Dressed Up As Batman Got Pulled Over In Ontario And The Video Is Hilarious

The Canadian Batman was pulled over in Brampton this summer and after the video was posted to Reddit, tons of users had to know what the Dark Knight had done. It was revealed that actually the local police officer just wanted a photo with the caped crusader. 

4. Watch A Racist Toronto Woman Lose Her Sh*t And Rob Another Woman's Phone On The TTC

This video shows a woman shouting racial slurs at another woman after stealing her phone. Originally she claimed that the woman who's phone she had taken took a video of her without permission, but the police charged the 19-year old with one count of robbery for the phone and one count of failure to comply with probation.

5. A Woman Attacked A Tim Hortons Worker In Ontario And Someone Caught It From The Drive-Thru Window

Two workers at a Brampton Tim Hortons were assaulted in July by a 21-year old woman who had climbed into the store's drive-thru window. She was charged with two counts of assault and one count of break and enter with intent for the incident. 

6. A Woman Trying To Evade Police Fell Through A Ceiling And The Footage Is Unreal 

After a man and a woman were caught using stolen credit cards and acting suspicious, an Alberta Reddi-Mart staffer called RCMP. While the man fought officers trying to arrest them, the woman made a mad dash to the back of the store to escape before her plans failed and she fell through the ceiling. 

7. An Ontario Man Confronted And Accused A Person Of Being “An Illegal Alien” While In A Grocery Store

An Ontario man tried to make a citizens arrest in a London grocery store after the man in the red shirt was trying to leave the Sobey's. He not only contacted police, he also asked the man in the red shirt if he was "scared to be deported" when the police arrived.  

8. A Jewellery Store In Canada Was Robbed In The Middle Of The Day And All Of It Was Caught On Video

Three men robbed a jewellery store in British Columbia during the middle of the day this summer. Staff at the Richmond store were showing the robbers items in the case before the shoved them to the ground and made a break with the goods. 

9. Hamilton Police Have Charged Ontario Man After Video Of Explicit Confrontation At Walmart Goes Viral (EXPLICIT)

This video was caught in Stoney Creek, Ontario when a man's parking spot caused an explicit fight at a Walmart. Things got racially charged when the man shouted that the other man did not sound like a Canadian and declared he was "racist as f*ck."

10. This Canadian Woman Was Literally Kidnapped From A Doorstep In Ontario This Morning 

Just after 2 AM, a Canadian woman was abducted from a Richmond Hill porch at gunpoint. The woman has now been located but a nation-wide warrant has been issued for the suspect. 

11. There's A Crazy Video Of An Ontario Driver Purposely Splashing Pedestrians And It's Savage AF

An Ottawa driver was caught on video intentionally soaking dry pedestrians after a storm. There are multiple occasions where a white work truck goes out of its way to splash muddy and gross city puddles onto nearby pedestrians. 

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