While Canadians are known for being nice and relaxed, we do have some pretty tight border controls. Due to our strict gun and food quality laws, there are many specific items that are not allowed to be brought into our country. 

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Canada is still a fairly relaxed place and even promotes that you simply declare your items or just ask a Border Officer if you're confused about the process. Everyone wants to make it nice and simple but of course, there are always a few bad apples who want to ruin the fun for everyone. 

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Canada's Border Services posts some of their finds on Twitter and honestly, what they find in people's belongings is wild. Canada bans many things in case they carry animal and plant pests and diseases we currently don't have in our country. 

From food to drugs or just weird things they find,  working at the Border looks pretty exciting (plus they get to hang out with a ton of cute dogs). Here's a full list of some of the craziest things people have tried to smuggle into Canada. 

1. Diaper Sausage 

This gross looking concoction is actually just some regular sausages stuffed in diapers. They were found at Toronto's Pearson International Airport after two adorable dogs sniffed them out. 

2. 11 Baby Turtles

These little guys were rescued back in 2014 when officers spotted them. Canada's tight rules on pets made them questionable.  

3. Chocolate / Meth.

This one makes me sad because who would ruin perfectly good chocolate with methamphetamine. Also, this is truly an elaborate scheme so these chocolates are super interesting. 

4. Grasscutter Rats

This one is truly strange, because yes that is a bag of dead rodents. Grasscutter rats are extremely large and are obviously not native to Canada, therefore banned by our Border rules. 

5. Aston Martin Car 

After a man brought an Aston Martin to Canada he ended up having to pay an $11,000 fine. Considering how expensive the car is, it's understandable why you wouldn't want to declare it, but not declaring clearly cost this guy more money. 

6. Creepy Wooden Statue 

What a good puppy! Since border agents are concerned with bringing in new pests for our the survival of our ecosystem, it's important to declare any treasures (or creepy heads) you may get on vacation. 

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