With the amount of time you spend scrolling on Instagram, chances are you know it better than the back of your hand. Now though there is some talk of major change. Instagram Canada is removing "total likes" from the platform, and now we know what that change might look like. 

Unfortunately, a sad truth about Instagram is that some people tie a lot of self-worth to the number of likes that their posts receive. So now, in a new test, Instagram will no longer be displaying how many likes your post has actually gotten. 

Narcity reported yesterday that the change is being tested this week for Canadian users. If implemented, Canadians on Instagram will no longer see the number of likes or video views that posts get when scrolling through their feeds. 

According to one Twitter user, Jane Manchun Wong who goes by @wongmjane online spread the news about the changes to Instagram back on April 18. Wong is a technology blogger and uses her skills to unlock new features before major companies like Facebook even have a chance to release them.

In her tweet about Instagram, she said that in the app they stated, "we want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get." She also revealed what your feed will look like without likes. 

Response to the new look of Instagram likes has been mixed, however. In replying to Wong's tweet some people have praised the idea saying it will take the pressure off, while others say they're not a fan of it. 

With the new like structure, the number of likes any given post gets won't be displayed publicly, but if you click on the likes on your own photo only you will be able to see the number of likes you actually got. 

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