Canada has been combating forest fires all summer long and now it's getting serious. Across Canada, there have been over 100 fires this past week and currently, there are 64 in Ontario. 

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According to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry of the 64 forest fires, there are 28 out of control and 35 being held or being observed.  

There were 50 homes evacuated on Friday night after the flames raged around Key Harbour and Killarney, in the northeastern area of the province. The sky and forests are covered in smoke due to the fire, which quadrupled in size over the course of the day. 

A fire in French River, just north of Parry Sound, has also lead to evacuations. The OPP confirmed that multiple people were asked to leave their homes with 12 hours of notice. 

Currently, multiple planes and helicopters are battling the fires across the province but extra hands have been called in for firefighters on the ground.

Not only have professionals come from all across the country, there have been volunteers from the American states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, as well as Mexico. More help is also expected to arrive on Monday. 

Because of the summer heat forests have been dry which sadly makes the perfect conditions for these terrible fires to break out. What commonly lights the flame is when lightning strikes the area during a storm. 

If the weather calls for wind it can also worsen the storm by carrying the flames further. 

It's important to stay safe up north during these times because smoke inhalation is very serious. Here's hoping that the extra help from our North American neighbours will help get these fires under control. 

Source: Hamilton SpectatorCBCMy Perry Sound Now

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