The absolutely tragic bus crash of a hockey team in Humboldt Saskatchewan has shaken Canada to its core. There isn’t anything much more Canadian than the thought of a hockey team driving down a rural road on its way to a big game.

Unfortunately as we all know by now that bus trip ended in tragedy and to make an already tragic situation worse, yesterday it was announced that 2 of the players had been misidentified.

We learned that players Parker Tobin and Xavier Labelle's identidies were mistaken in the hospital. Labelle who was initially reported as one of the deceased is actually recovering in the hospital with serious injuries, while the Tobin family learned that the son they believed to be in surgery sadly did not survive the accident. 

While one family mourns the loss of their brother and son, the other is praying for their son's recovery. Many online and in the media have echoed the thoughts that they could not imagine how heartbreaking this has all been for young men’s families. It also makes you wonder how did this mistake get made? 

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There seem to be a few different contributing factors.  

Firstly the coroner’s office was clearly overwhelmed with the scale of this disaster. With 15 dead and 14 others injured in the crash it’s unlike anything that anywhere in Saskatchewan has seen recently in terms of the number of people involved.  

The two also had the same basic body type and hair colour, making it even harder to distinguish between the two. Finally there wasn’t any time to consult dental records it seems.   

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Families want to know the fate of their loved ones as soon as possible and there wasn’t any time to gather all the records from each dental office of everyone involved in the crash.  

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So there isn’t one specific reason it all happened. It’s more of a combination of errors than a single person’s fault it seems.

That doesn’t make it any less tragic for those involved unfortunately. 

Source: MSN

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