Yesterday the Canadian marijuana bill was officially given royal assent by the governor general of Canada, meaning it’s now 100 % official that weed will be legally available on October 17th.

But the government also passed another bill yesterday that didn’t get the same attention regarding impaired driving laws in this country.

The bill is basically a companion bill for the marijuana one so it’s really important and is going to have a big effect on Canadians. 

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The bill is broken into a few different sections, part one creates three new offences for driving under the influence of drugs, including marijuana, and puts limits for how much can be present in a driver’s blood.

It also says that people cannot drive within two hours of being over the legal limits.

Part 1 also allows police to do tests to determine if a driver is on drugs. 

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Part 2 gives police the power to perform mandatory alcohol screening on drivers without needing reasonable grounds to suspect that driver may be impaired.

Previously police had to have some sort of evidence that suspects were impaired behind the wheel, such as smelling alcohol on breath or erratic driving. 

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But not anymore, now police can do a test to see if you’re impaired anytime they want to.

And unlike the marijuana bill that goes into effect on October 17th, this is law now. Meaning police can pull you over and demand a breath sample from you starting today.

So keep that in mind for all your summer road trips this year. 

Source: Global News

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