The Canadian dollar has slipped to a new low this year, sitting at only 75 cents Amercian and it is not at all good for Canadians. 

The high trade tensions have had a negative impact on both countries, as the US stock market is also falling, but Canadians are taking a bigger hit with the low dollar. 

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The Canadian dollar has been fluctuating all year, with a recent free-fall caused by Trade War 2018. It's now lower than it has been since last summer. 

This is going to affect so many Canadians, especially if you have plans to travel to the States any time soon. 

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With the current low dollar, the exchange rate is really terrible right now. For every $4, Canadians lose one whole dollar. This means if you exchange $4 CAD you'll only get $3 USD. This goes on and on and by the time you are up to $100 CAD you'll be losing a whole $25 on the exchange. 

If you are a traveller or online shopper it is more important than ever to pay attention to how prices are listed and what currency sites use, as you will be paying a lot more than it appears if prices are in American dollars. 

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If you are going on a trip to the states, be aware that you will be losing a lot of money in the exchange, and plan ahead for that when heading south! 

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