The recent SNC-Lavalin scandal has been circulating the news for the past few weeks and has caused a lot of speculation towards Canadian politics. Recently, the scandal that claims Justin Trudeau and his office pressured former attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould to not prosecute SNC-Lavalin of fraud, has led to Wilson-Raybould's public testimony. This testimony has gained the attention of many Canadians who are now claiming to be influenced by the scandal, especially when it comes to their votes for the 2019 election. 

According to a Nanos survey, 26% of Canadians state that this SNC-Lavalin scandal will influence their votes for the next election. This number has grown greatly since the public testimony that Wilson-Raybould gave on Wednesday. Before the testimony, only 17% of Canadians were influenced by this scandal. 

This means that since hearing about the testimony another 10% of Canadians are expressing concerns over this scandal and are stating that it will definitely affect their vote. 

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Not only are Canadians rethinking their votes amidst the scandal, but research also shows that Canadians are also losing trust in how ethical Justin Trudeau really is. 

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When Canadians were asked which one of the federal party leaders were the most ethical, only 12% of those surveyed chose Justin Trudeau. When asked about which party is the most ethical, 10% voted for the Liberal party. The Green Party was seen as the most ethical party at 28%. 

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This scandal is not only affecting the way that Canadians are looking at the Liberals, but also the way that they are looking at politics in general.

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36% of Canadians have very low confidence when it comes to any political party behaving in an ethical manner. Since the testimony, Canadians are now three times more likely to state that they have little confidence in politicians behaving in an ethical manner. 

However, despite the amount of Canadians who state that they will be influenced by the SNC-Lavalin case, it is important to note that a majority of Canadians are more concerned about the economy of the country rather than the scandal. 67% of Canadians state that the economy will influence their decision more than the SNC-Lavalin case. While 26% of Canadians state that SNC-Lavalin will influence their votes more than the economy. 

With the elections coming up in October, a lot of Canadians are now rethinking what is best for themselves and this country. 


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