If you are surprised to hear that your Shoppers Optimum card has become obsolete - my question for you is where have you been?!? In late 2017 the Loblaw Companies Ltd announced that it would be ending the 18 year old Optimum program for their own merged loyalty card system.  And now that it's February 1st the new PC Optium card has officially been rolled out. 

The new program combines Loblaws' PC Plus card and Shoppers' Optimum card to create a hybrid program that gets you free stuff even faster since you'll be able to collect points from both stores using the same members card. If you have a reming point balance on either, no worries those points are not lost. You can actually cash them in for PC Optimum points. 

What you first need to do is enroll in the new program. To do that you just visit the new PC Optimum website and create a PC ID. Or, you can visit a Shoppers Drug Mart or Loblaw store and have an attendant there do all the hard work for you. In store, someone will also exchange your old cards for the new PC Optimum card.

If you want to enroll online, no worries. You'll land on a home screen that'll ask to you get started. You can create an account for a PC Optimum card or log into your existing PC account. After doing that you are able to merge your cards. Clicking through one of these links takes you to a two-step verification page, where you’re asked to enter your old card numbers, then to check your email for a verification link. 

Via pcoptimum

Once you link one of your old membership cards, the site shows a breakdown of how your old points will be converted to the new program. The breakdown also shows a dollar value.

PC Points are converted at a 1:1 ratio - meaning you'll get exactly what you already had. However, Shoppers Optimum points are converted at the rate of the highest reward level reached. The site shows a conversion chart for how the transfer is made. Rates vary from 1.25 conversation rate to 1.789474 depending on how many Optimum points you have.

Via pcoptimum

As of right now members are complaining of the site and website crashing, so many have not been able to login and covert their points. To that, the PC Optimum twitter account cheekly replied that they broke the internet - something customers did NOT enjoy hearing.

If you're having issues logging in, no worries - seems like everyone else is too, due to the high volume of people trying to merge accounts. Just try back later or head into your local Loblaw/  Shoppers Drug Mart store. 

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